The Artifice of Havok

The Kingdom of Argos

Intro, Vignette

By Keith – The kingdom of Argos was beginning to take shape. It was a new idea, but one that gave the people of the land pride. The grand keep was nearing completion, and a formal coronation was to follow. Humanity was starting to make headway in overcoming nature’s limitations when all chaos descended on the land. First came the Orcs. The brutish greenskinned horde roared through the nascent kingdom like a wildfire, burning hamlets, and corralling the humans toward the castle. Any who rushed to help the captives were themselves apprehended. Then the Elves, like the whisper of the moon’s shadow, swept in and caught those humans crafty enough to slip by the Orc cordon. The leader of the Horde then spoke to us, declaring our habitation illegal according to their Empire’s law. The Lord and Lady were then executed, and our long trek to Imperial lands began. Once we who survived the relocation arrived, we were given our “freedom.” We were free, they said, to pursue our trades. We were free, they said, to reside peacefully in any place we chose. We were free, they said, from persecution, but we were also free to be ignored. Free enough to starve. Free, as long as we did not congregate. Free, so long as no land was ever truly ours. Here we are, prisoners in a gilded cage, punished for our crime of ignorance. Keep watch, children, for the wheel of fate ever turns. Do not, for lack of knowledge, let it pass you by.



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