A human looking Revenant with a very rustic skin tone. He stands 5'11 and around the neighborhood of 115 pounds. His hair is thin and hangs limply. He is a very un-menacing and un-challenging looking fellow. The only real odd traits that stand him out as


AC-20 Reflex-19 Will-17 Fort-18 Hp-41 Weapons-none apparent Armor- Repulsion Armor


Caderan is one of the few citizens of the realm who, when the Raven Queen ascended to her current position as God of Death, fell through the cracks as it were. His soul has been seemingly cursed to continually wander the world as one of the Forsaken. He is constantly plagued with visions of his past lives, though they are merely brief glimpses of what or who he once was. However, due to these visions, he has theorized that the way to finally allow his eternal soul to be accepted by the Raven Queen, he must piece together his past and face whatever horrors may come of it. Only then will he finally be at ease and ready to sleep the eternal slumber.


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